Africa is considered a continent filled with opportunity for entrepreneurs that are willing to address a specific need.  Maize meal is in demand in Africa as it serves as the staple food for many families throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

The revolutionary MM3500 containerised mill by Maize Master is specifically developed to serve communities in Africa and offer them a high quality super maize meal at more affordable prices.

With an input of 3.5MT/h or 80MT/day, the MM3500 offers a ‘business-in-a-box’ solution to both communities and entrepreneurs alike. Extraction rates up to 76% has been achieved in production environments. The specially designed containerised mill makes it easy to ship anywhere in Africa using any freight courier specialising in moving containers.

The MM3500 is unique in its small footprint (only 18 m2) and the plug-and-play approach makes it possible to be installed anywhere. It can be operational within a week without the need to construct any specialised building. The option of using a generator or a three-phase power input supply provides flexibility for different locations. A water supply is only required to dampen the maize during the degermination process. The quick installation and easy shipping aspects further enables the mill to be relocated elsewhere should it be necessary.

Furthermore, the two stacked container mill is very easy to operate and maintain, and because of this feature no previous milling experience is required, only a mechanical background. This reduces the learning curve for the operators tremendously.

Even though the mill is compact it comes with all the necessary parts to produce high quality maize meal.

What is included:

  • Pre-cleaner for cleaning the maize entering the mill
  • Main auger that conveys cleaned maize to moisture control bin
  • Moisture control bin for milling gain
  • Degerminator
  • Aspirator/polisher used to polish samp and remove chop
  • Air conveying system – provides air to carry product between different stages
  • Cyclones to separates particulates
  • 3-system rollers
  • Extraction fans in the containers to improve ventilation
  • Dust suppression fans in the roll boxes to lower dust levels for a safe operating environment
  • Plant sifters that split the different milling stages into final product and chop
  • Augers to convey chop and final product from the plant

Additional equipment that can be added:

  • Augers and bins for manual packaging (Fitted into another container)
  • Second conditioning system to further improve quality of the final product
  • Vitamin doser for final product (required by law in some countries)

The MM3500 offers entrepreneurs a unique advantage because everything you need to produce high quality maize meal is included in the containerised mill concept. This is the ideal business opportunity due to the fact that the initial start-up costs can be recovered quickly once the mill is up and running. For the entrepreneur it provides an immediate return on investment and for the community the opportunity of job-creation while also moving the product closer to the end users – making this plant a real ‘business-in-a-box’.