• Capacity and Use
  • Will aspirate and polish from 500kg/h up to 3 ton/h
  • Aspration of samp before milling
  • Polishing of samp before milling or packing
  • Samp needs to be aspirated before packing
  • Size
  • Lenght – 1,2m
  • Height – 2,2m
  • Width – 1,3m
  • Weight – 320kg
  • Special Markings
  • Fit on a one ton bakkie Spares freely available in the market Aspirator and polisher combined in one machine Design is simple and easy to set
  • Technical Information
  • Fitted aspirator and fan
  • Cyclone included for bagging of germmeal and chop
  • Aspirator driven by 4kW motor
  • All the motors are three phase
  • Machine is complete

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