Shipping Good News Maize Master’s Containerised Mill – The MM3500

If you’re looking for a milling solution that’s easy to install, operate, ship and requires no additional housing structure, then look no further than the MM3500 by Maize Master.The revolutionary MM3500 containerised mill by Maize Master is specifically designed to serve communities and entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara Africa. At only R3.5 million* the initial start-up costs of the MM3500 can be recovered quickly once the mill is up and running and offers further opportunities for jobcreation in the community.

The MM3500 utilises the latest milling technology so you can offer your clients thebest staple products at more affordable prices. With an input rate of 3.5MT/h or 80MT/day and an extraction rate of up to 76%, the MM3500 offers a business-in-box solution. The specially designed containerised mill is easy to ship, install and move when necessary.

The MM3500 offers unique advantages over bigger mills. Aside from being easily transported using container freight couriers,the MM3500 has a small footprint (only 18 m2) and plug-and-play feature.This allows the mill to be installed anywhere and operational within a week without the need to construct any special building as the containers act as a ready-made steel structure that houses all the necessary equipment.

It can be operated using a generator or a three-phase power input supply.The mill uses very little power (160Amp, 100kVa) in comparison to bigger mills and we’ve recently added a solar panel option for clients that are not on the grid or want a more environmentally friendly option. All that’s needed is water supply to dampen the grains during the aspirationprocess.

The quick installation enables the mill to be easily relocated should it be necessary. The two stacked container mill is easy to operate and maintain, and because of this feature, no previous milling experience is required, only a mechanical background.

Communities or co-operative can use the MM3500 to mill super maize meal, produce animal feed and process soybeans or any other cereals. Milled products such as maize meal are often the staple food of communitiesthroughout Sub-Saharan Africa, but at the same time,many of these communities are underserved because of little to no infrastructure and the lack of basic amenities. The MM3500 offers entrepreneurs and co-operatives a unique opportunity to provide for their community through a modular system that has everything you need to produce high-quality staple products.

What is included:

  • Pre-cleaner for maize coming into the mill
  • Main auger that conveys cleaned maize to moisture control bin
  • Moisture control bin
  • Degerminator
  • Aspirator/polisher used to polish samp and remove chop
  • Air conveying system – provides air to carry product between different stages (Optional)
  • Auger conveying system is standard
  • 3-system rollers
  • Dust extraction fans in the containers for free airflow and dust suppression fans in the roll boxes to lower dust levels for a safe operating environment
  • Plant sifters that split the different milling stages into final product and chop
  • Augers to convey chop and final product from the plant

Additional equipment that can be added:

  • Augers and bins for manual packaging (Must be fit into another container)
  • Second conditioning system to further improve the quality of the final product
  • Solar panels
  • Vitamin doserfor final product

*T&Cs apply. Cost of MM3500 does not include VAT, delivery and packaging. To learn more about Maize Master’s containerised mill, please contact us today for a full quote.