Our Star Product – The MMFM Feeding Mill by Maize Master

Our MMFM Feeding Mill took home the prize as the BEST SELLER at this year’s Nampo Harvest Festival. These past few months, and especially at the Nampo Harvest Festival, we’ve seen an increase of feeding mill sales as producers realise the importance of quality feed while still wanting to keep operating expenses profitable. Many small producers and those who have been severely affected by the droughts in the past years don’t always have the capital to buy expensive feed for their animals.However, they still know the importance of quality feed, especially with it now being winter.

The MMFM Feeding Mill offers a do-it-yourself solution for those producers that want to provide quality customised feed to their livestock while still keeping operating costs to the minimum. The mill is a compact, yet efficient, and can be used to crush any kind of grain. It uses rollers for the consistent crushing of the grains and can be adjusted to your preferred grain coarseness. The MMFM is a complete milling unit that fits onto a 1-ton bakkie and any spares that might be required in the future, are freely available on the market or from Maize Master. The rolls will only need to be sharpened after 2000 – 3000 tons (depending on settings of the rolls), and the rolls are designed to be sharpened several times, making the mill even more cost-effective.

Who will benefit from the MMFM Feeding Mill?

  • Co-operatives that would like to produce their own customized feed.
  • Small and commercial producers that have a mixed farming operation and want to provide quality feed for their livestock using their own grains.
  • Producers that want to customise and have better control of the quality of their animal feed while still keeping operating costs low.

The MMFM Feeding Mill by Maize Master is everything you need to produce high-quality animal feed for your co-operative or farm and will add value to your final product. Increasing research shows the importance of balanced nutrients that can be provided through customised feeding.

Additional Specifications

The MMFM Feeding Mill is 1.2 meters in length, 2 meters in height, 1.2 meter in width and weighs 340kg.

Technical Information

The mill is equipped with one hopper to feed the grain through the rolls, another to receive the crushed product, one pair of specifically designed rolls (210mm x 300mm) and a three-phase 7.5 kW electric motor.

Need something a bit bigger?

Maize Master now also manufactures a bigger feeding mill that has the capacity to produce 10 ton feed per hour. The M1 Feeding Mill comprises of adjustable rollers (240mm x 1000mm) so the producer can determine grain coarseness according to their requirements, and is powered by a three-phase 18.5kW electric motor. This mill is ideal for large commercial producers that additionally wants to produce and sell their own customised feeds.

Shipping and Delivery

As with all our products, we can arrange delivery if required by the client.  No specialised installation needed on any of these two mills.

For more information on any of our mills or for customised machines, please contact us today.