Milling & Winning with the MM1500

Whether you want to buy a mill to add value to an existing operation or start a completely new business – Maize Master can assist in all your milling needs.

The MM1500 mill by Maize Master has an input of 1.5-tonne maize and produces grits. Yellow and white maize grits are favoured in the animal feed, breakfast cereal and brewing industries throughout the world. The MM1500 can also be used to mill other grain types such as sorghum, wheat, rye, rice and barley for those that want to produce specialised flours for the growing niche markets.

The roller mill is easy to operate and delivers a high-quality product that you can rely on time and time again. Its compact design requires minimal floor space; spares are easily accessible, and the rollers need only to be resharpened after 800 to 1000 tonnes. It can be re-fluted several times (up to 40 times) if it’s been done by Maize Master.

Technical Information of the MM1500 mill:

  • One hopper (Maize)
  • 3 Pairs of specially designed rollers
  • 3 Vibrating screen, 4 different mesh sizes
  • Meal hopper
  • Motors: 3 x 7.5kW 3 Phase
  • Auger Motors: 3 x 0.75kW 3 Phase
  • Size of rollers: 200mm x 300mm

Produce Super Maize Meal

The advantage of investing in the MM1500 mill by Maize Master is that a degermination system can be added later on and if necessary, to produce super maize meal. The mill’s 1.5-tonne input delivers an extraction of up to 75% super maize meal with a good maize meal to bran ratio.

Super maize meal is in high demand throughout Africa and many of our clients have used this mill and the added MMD1500 degerminator system to produce super maize meal and distribute it to their immediate market.

With the added degermination system you will be able to produce super maize meal, sifted maize meal, special sifted maize meal, samp and mealie rice which can be distributed to various industries and markets.

Technical Information of the MMD1500 Degerminator:

  • One hopper (Maize)
  • Unique degerminator roll hopper for degermed maize
  • 75kW motor with gearbox
  • 5kW motor
  • 200mm x 300mm rollers

The MM1500 with the MMD1500 degermination system retails for ±R780 000.00 excluding 15% VAT and delivery. For more information or a full quote, please contact Maize Master today.