Maize Master – Adding Value to Farms We talk to Francois Kriel in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

Francois Kriel is a proud and loyal client of Maize Master and owner of Chiseller Services in Zimbabwe. They currently employ 39 people and produce various product for their community. We spoke to Francois to learn more about the company and why Maize Master is their preferred milling equipment partner.

Q: Tell us more about how you got started? 

A: We live and farm near a town called Chinhoyi in the northern parts of Zimbabwe – it’s about 120 kilometres northwest of Harare. We started our mill in 2002 because we saw the value it could add to our own farm. Zimbabwe doesn’t have a lot of agricultural land but what is available is mainly used for cash crops while maize and other staple food is produced by small scale communal farms. This of course makes Maize Master’s mills ideal as it can serve small communities and add value to farms.

Q: What products do you produce? 

A: We produce flour, maize meal and maize grits for our customers in Chinhoyi. Though Zimbabweans also enjoy bread and rice, mealie pap or rather Sadza as it is called here, is a staple food for most. Here we also have Bota Une Dovi and Maheu –  Bota is a popular sweet porridge made with maize meal and peanut butter that’s eaten at breakfast, while Maheu is a traditional African beverage made with maize meal, sorghum, sugar, milk solids and lactic acids.

Q: How did you come to work with Maize Master? 

A: I saw Maize Master milling equipment while attending the annual Nampo Expo in South Africa.

Q: What has your experience been working with Maize Master?

A: One could easily imagine the many difficulties one could encounter trying to get  equipment to Chinhoyi as we’re not that close to the border, but Maize Master made sure the process was seamless every step of the way. It’s only been a pleasure working with them.

Q: Why would you recommend Maize Master? 

A: They offer their clients outstanding service, no matter where they are and they’re hardworking honest people.

Q: What Maize Master milling equipment do you use? 

A: We have grit plant that was custom-made by Maize Master for us – just another reason why they’re my preferred milling equipment supplier.

Q: How has the Maize Master Mill impacted your business?

A: The Maize Master mill has really added value to our business and we’ve seen the positive effects in every division.