Helele Mama Maize Meal Another Satisfied Maize Master Client

Johan de Bruyn is a maize producer in the Free State and North West provinces. Three years ago, he decided to add value to their existing farming operations by producing super maize meal in 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg bags using a Maize Master mill. We spoke to Johan to learn more about his maize meal and why Maize Master is his preferred milling equipment partner.

Q: Tell us more about how you got started? 

I wanted to add value to the maize harvest and after looking at our options, producing our own super maize meal seemed like a good way to add value. The South African maize meal market can easily differentiate between high and low quality and they have a discerning taste for good quality mealie meal that’s still affordable and accessible.

Q: What products do you produce? 

Our brand name is Helele Mama and we produce super maize meal and samp. It was important for me to be able to produce super maize meal as it has a longer shelf life and is the highest quality maize meal we can offer our customers. Helele Mama is distributed throughout the Free State and North West provinces.

Q: Why did you choose Maize Master? 

We researched our options and started looking into the different mills available in South Africa. That’s when we learnt about Maize Master. At first, we looked at buying a second-hand mill, but we decided against it and paid Johann in Kroonstad a visit to buy a new mill for the business.

Q: What has your experience been working with Maize Master?

I’ve received only the best service working with the Maize Maser team that’s Andries and Johann. They were available to answer all my questions and were extremely helpful in selecting the right mill for what I wanted to do. They made sure it was a seamless process from start to finish. Maize Master’s delivers professional service and it’s been a pleasure working with them.

Q: What Maize Master milling equipment do you use? 

I invested in the MM1500 mill with an added de-germination system to produce the super maize meal. The MM1500 has an input of 1.5-tonne maize with an extraction of up to 75% super maize meal. It’s is easy to operate, compact and delivers a good maize meal to bran ratio without compromising on quality.

Q: How has the Maize Master Mill impacted your business?

It’s good to know that I’ve partnered with a supplier that’s available to help and they’re as  invested in the success of the business as I am. Producing maize meal from our harvest has added a new dimension to our farm ­– it’s been an incredible business experience and getting to know the end producer who we ultimately farm for.

If like, Johan de Bruyn, you would like to add value to your farm or just want to learn more about our mills, please contact Maize Master today.