MMFM Feeding Mill


Milling Capacity

  • On the finest setting 1 ton/h
  • On the coarsest setting 8 ton/h
  • Can crush basically any kind of grain


  • Lenght – 3m
  • Height – 2m
  • Width – 1m
  • Weight – 1,000kg

Special Markings

Mills fit on a one ton bakkie
Machines are complete
Spares freely available in the market
Mills up to 1000 ton before the rollers need to be resharpened
Rollers can be resharpened several times

Technical Information

  • One hopper
  • 1 Pairs of specially designed rollers
  • Hopper for crushed product
  • 7.5kW Electric Motor. 3 Phase
  • Size of rollers: 200mm x 300mm

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