MM1000 – 1000kg/h and MM1500 – 1500kg/h

This mill can also produce SUPER MAIZE MEAL if the degerming system is added.

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Showing the single result


Milling Capacity

  • Special sifted: 2 mills 2 augers
  • MM1000: 1 ton maize/h
  • MM1500: 1.5 ton maize/h
  • Used for making grit
  • 1 st mill can be configured as a crusher


  • Lenght – 3m
  • Height – 2m
  • Width – 1m
  • Weight – 1,000kg

Special Markings

Mills fit on a one ton bakkie
Machines are complete for sifted and
special maize meal
About 8 – 15% chop.
Spares freely available in the market
Mills up to 1000 ton before the rollers
need to be resharpened
Rollers can be resharpened several times

Technical Information

  • One hopper (Maize)
  • 1 Pairs of specially designed rollers
  • 1 Vibrating screen, 2 differnet mesh sizes
  • Meal hopper
  • An outlet for product to second mill
  • Hopper for chop
  • 7.5kW Electric Motor. 3 Phase
  • Size of rollers: 200mm x 300mm

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