Maize Master in partnership with Maizetech offering you value added services

At Maize Master we’re always striving to provide you with the best service and mills – so you can produce the highest quality of products without any hassle or stress. Because we have a passion for achievement and helping our clients in any way possible, Maize Master will now be offering the service and maintenance of mills through the assistance of Maize Tech.

Adding Value

Scheduled mill maintenance and service will extend the lifetime of your mill and ensure that it continuously produces the high-quality products that your customers have come to trust and rely on. In many cases, mill maintenance only occurs once a problem rears its head and this is almost always too late. Scheduled mill maintenance not only improves and maintains the quality of your product but also keeps you from unplanned downtime that may affect productivity and profitability.

Teaming Up

“To provide our clients with the best possible service, we’ve decided to team up with Maize Tech. With more than 15 years of experience in the milling industry, Maize Tech has alongstanding reputation of excellent service, specialised knowledge and experience in the field of mill maintenance and technical services,” says Johann Kruger, manager of Maize Master.

Maize Tech will be offering Maize Master clients their expertise and maintenance services to either specific parts that require attention, upgrades or a full service of a mill. Whether it’s a big or small mill, a complete Maize Master mill or built up by different manufacturers – we can help.

Service Plans

The service plans will include the maintenance, repair or upgrade of all replacement parts such as chains, gears, and bearings. If necessary, the Maize Tech team will also be able to assist our clients with the maintenance and resharpening of their rollers. Maize Tech will transport the rollers to our factory, where we will sharpen them and they will return them as good as new and assist with reinstallation.

When Do You Need To Book a Service?

At Maize Master, we advocate planned or preventative maintenance so you can have peace of mind that your mill is always running at maximum capacity and producing the highest quality of product. Please speak to our team to learn more about the specific maintenance plans for your specific mill.

Book a Service

Please call Maize Master today to book your service and we will make all the necessary arrangements. You can contact Maize Master by calling 056 215 1660 or e-mail | or contact Andries van der Walt by calling +27 79 544 8091

*Service and maintenance is available to all our clients throughout Africa.